Customize toolbar for participant

I only want MIC, camera and share screen icons in the toolbox for participants. How can I achieve this? Please proper answers please leading to exact solutions

I got this but I only need to customize the toolbar for “Participant” not for other roles like moderator.
The moderator will see all the toolbar icons but the “Participant” will only see 3 icons in the tool bar can we have that solution.

You can update config.js to default to less buttons for all participants, then moderators can use custom URL or IFrame with extra config overrides that give them more buttons.

Can you tell me how moderators can use custom URL or Iframe with extra config.
I mean the participant and the moderator both will be in the meeting right.

In Jitsi, there is a concept of config overrides where configs that are within the whitelist can be overridden by a joining participant if the overrides are provided either in the URL as extra params, or if using Jitsi IFrame API via the configOverwrite option.

Try playing around with config params here: Jitsi URL Generator. Only a small subset of possible options are shown there, but it should give you a better idea of what is possible.

Yes, if the same room name is used then all participants will still be in the meeting but their UI will be configured differently.

You should however be aware that these are merely UI tweaks and is not going to stop someone from manually re-enabling the buttons by modifying the params. Some features like recording, streaming, and screenshare you can disable on server side per-user if use JWT authentication and enable enableFeaturesBasedOnToken. Seach this forum for that config if you want to explore that option.

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Got it shawn, it was just a little bit helpful as to when the extra params are send to participant they do get to see 3 icons but when refreshed to can see all icons

Assuming you have more participants than moderators, you could just set the toolbar to default to just the 3 buttons in your /etc/jitsi/meet/config.js file. Moderators can then use the extra params or an alternative page using IFrame with configOverwrites to get more buttons.