Customize the input placeholder text

Hi everybody, i just installed jitsi in my server yesterday.
I customized the header title but i dont know how to customize the input placehold text

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if you dont want room names to be generated automatically, modify


& set this to “false”


For other customizations ( I dont recommend it as it might cause problems) is to modify


MAKE A COPY before you venture into modifying that

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thanks for this tip, however it is making me slightly uneasy since it is changing a file included in a package. Why is there no easy way to add these options in an user config file I don’t know. There is an ugly way to do it of course but I am not sure it’s any better.

this file is meant to be modified for your taste. so no harm :smiley:


/usr/share/doc, /usr/share/man
The “share” word is used because what is under /usr/share is platform independent, and can be shared among several machines across a network filesystem. Therefore this is the place for manuals, documentations, examples etc.

having user config files in this place does not seem natural.

The following locations need to be changed. Don’t change app.bundle.min.js directly because it will be overwritten every time you make changes to the react files. You need to run the jitsi-meet locally so you can make adjustments and run “make” after your changes. This will generate a new app.bundle.min.js file with the changes.

react/features/welcome/components/WelcomePage.web.js --> here you can find the html from your screenshot

If you want to change the random words generated please check Room random name

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i customized my page because i changed directly file in my ubuntu server.
i’m try cloning jitsi to my computer to run it in localhost but i cant run by “make” command after “npm install” in terminal so couldnt modify

i solved the problem by set GENERATE_ROOMNAMES_ON_WELCOME_PAGE: false
but i have 1 question. Is the page loading the English language first before loading to other language? And Does that affect to load the page?

@l0seriam I’ve change the language detection to false.
LANG_DETECTION: false, // Allow i18n to detect the system language