Customize mobile application UI / is it Webview?

I’m using Jitsi Meet SDK in my mobile projects(Android and iOS) and i noticed that every time that i join/start a conference the same interface shows up for both apps.
1/ I wanted to know if is a Webview or not.
2/ I want to customize the UI (through interface_config.js) from the server side and i want to know if the changes will take place for the mobile apps.
PS: I’m using the docker-jitsi-meet on my host.

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@saghul @damencho

No it’s not. It’s a native view using React Native.

Not currently. The mobile apps ignore interface_config.

How can we modify the interface then

I have the same question. If Interface can not be configured then can we customize from code? Give a basic idea that will be more then helpful.

Jitsi frontend is mostly a react / react-native app. You can pull it locally modify the javascript react / react native code at will, rebuild and deploy.