Customize Jitsi to stream high-bitrate 1080p video from mobile

I’m building a remote assistance service that will be used for inspections. I planned to use Jitsi Meet out of the box, but it turns out it doesn’t do what I need in terms of video quality. So I need to customize it.

I have 2 features that need implementing. The results can be open sourced as a part of Jitsi project. Please PM me or post here your estimates.

The use-case:
I will use Jitsi on a smartphone. My customers will connect from a desktop client. I will stream video and audio — they will only stream audio (to tell me the instructions).

Feature A:
The video I sent out must be the best quality my hardware can produce. The only limitation should be the uplink bandwidth and CPU power. This will require SDP munging and maybe something else (?). Here’s the topic I created on this a few days ago: Video Bitrate Maxes Out at 1800kbps on a P2P Call

Feature B:
Jitsi Meet on mobile must respect the video constraints set in config.js (which are currently ignored). This is a react-native-webrtc related project. This is necessary to make sure that signal degradation leads to decrease in FPS (down until 13fps) before the resolution starts degrading (which by default is the other way around, I believe).

Hoping to hear your offers!