Customize Jitsi participants thumbnails


If this is not the right place to this question, I kindly apologize for that and I ask where is the best place to post it.

I want to use Jitsi to have the chat room history persistent, searchable and recoverable on our XMPP backend, that is Openfire. The users can authenticated or anonymous.

Our chat client is the ConverseJS. We placed a video icon on all MUC rooms to start a video conference using Jitsi. When Jitsi starts, it shows all MUC rooms participants on the right thumbnails list.

The problem is: everyone joining Jitsi from that MUC room will appear twice on the right thumbnails list. That happens because Jitsi is also an XMPP client like ConverseJS. Also, not everyone from the room might want to join the video conference, but they will appear as a participant, because they are logged in ConverseJS in the same room.

The solution I though initially is setting a custom connection resource name, so I would filter that on the UI part. For example, my JID would be So I can assume every user on the room having a client name starting with jitsi- is a video-meeting participant.

What I would like is some hint about where can I do such filtering and setting a custom resource name.

Thank you in advance,