Customize home page jitsimeet

Good morning everybody,
first sorry for my poor english…

I tried to remove the blank frame on my jitsi meet instance.

I modifiy many files, but none remove this blank, any one can helping me?


You should see the recents list there. Did you disable it or something?

yes i disable it in the config.js
But i want to disappaer this blank

Gotcha. I have no idea, sorry, you’ll have to fiddle with the CSS.

Thanks a lot for answering.
Any one can helping me with this css?
Which setting i had to modifiy?

OK, thanks a lot, i browse the css and i found the correct setting:
display: flex to delete.

Hello everybody,
I do the update of jitsi and my welcome page still become with the blank space ???
I don’t re-find the display:flex code.
The new css is change?

Updating overwrites CSS customizations.
There are threads here on how to move CSS to another location so it doesn’t get overwritten, but you have to be careful, because when there are CSS upgrades, you will miss them and your whole deployment may not work as expected.

Thanks Freddie for this reply.
In fact i have my own css (a copie of ‘all.css’) in witch i made the modification of the “apparence”.
But i cannot find anymore wich is the correct setting for the bottom of the welcome page.