Customize Audio Processing Options on iPhones (App or Browser)

Hello everyone,

for an Art Installation I am looking to have phones create feedback loops while being connected in a video conference call (think Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music). While this a very niche usage of the program, I turned to jitsi mostly because I thought it’s framework would give me the best results as for customizing audio settings etc.

When researching the forum here and on github, I found out, that the config.disable options do let me do what I’m looking for, yet apparently not on the devices I am currently working on. I have a couple of iPhones here (simply because I was somehow able to acquire them more easily), and from my researched information and testing, it seems like accessing these options does a) not work on the mobile app for iOS and b) seems to not work through the Chrome Browser on the iPhones as I am not able to join a meeting through the browser at all.

Did I miss something? Or is there some more intricate way to reach these options through the app?
If someone might be able to point me to a way to do this, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!