Customisation of Jitsi on a per meeting/room level

I have a requirement in my client application to make per meting/room level customisation based on the config values set in config.js. Currently, there are few parameters like audioQuality, startAudioOnly etc… in config file and if it is set it will be consumed across all the meeting/room
I have following queries

  1. How do I make these configurations(eg: disable deeplinking) as room/conference specific?

  2. How can I add other room specific custom configurations like thank you page url, screen share enabled etc… to the config file and make it work ?
    Could anyone please help me out in providing a solution for the above?

Welcome to the forum.

You can use iFrame or URL params to specify config values per conference if they are whitelisted. Here’s a link to whitelisted options:

Thanks for your suggestion @Freddie
I am not using iFrame or URL params. I have hosted Jitsi meet on the server and I should be able to launch different meetings with different configs respectively. How can I achieve this

As @Freddie said you need to use your own k
Jitsi server and use Iframe in order to pass params based per room

Config.js is a global configuration file so it will apply to all your rooms so it’s not suitable for what you are looking for.