Custom Welcome Page like on

i know that it is possible to write some content of jitsi-meet with alias the files to consitent changes (alias /filexyz /my/persitent/jitsimett/changes/filexyz in apache config for example.) But how can i create a more complex welcome Page like on

i would like to have the gauges for each Server so that you can see each videobridge load asap. how to implement it?


To enable the rendez-vous welcome page, we developped our custom front-end with our PHP framework (but it could be done with any techno).
To enable this custom front-end to work with jitsi nginx configuration, we had a simlpe redirection to in the default jitsi nginx configuration.

Each Rendez-Vous front-end instances monitors it’s videobridges capacity by using the colibiri rest API (
The load displayed by the gauges is obtained by a simple call to our front-end. This instance load is computed frrom the sum of videochannels in instances videobridges (We have 6 videobridges per rendez-vous instances).



Hello Damien, thanks for your reply. You made a very nice portal at renater site.
With the informations you provided i can build our own portal in future i hope.
I did’n know about the colibri api for instance.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Also interesting is, how you got the checkbox for accepting the “Terms of Usage” into the Jitsi-Meet gui before starting a meeting. You you please explain this a bit?

Generally it would be cool to have a sort of Templating System like in Wordpress/Joomla/etc. where the Admin could search in a pool of Templates which he likes and modify it. Maybe also Widgets for adding functions like the gauges for each bridge or instance.

Thanks and have a nice time!

The check box is made by a litle modification in the LoginDialog class of the jitsi-meet web player (

We’re rebuilding our own verson of the lib-jitsi-meet and jitsi-meet to add some customisations like Terms of usage check box or links to our user guide.

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