Custom video layout across all users

hey @puneetsethi25,

You probably don’t need to change anything of the prosody side.
Implemented a new layout is well, … complicated,

as already said, you have two choices

  • starting from a new frontend, and implement everything your self : this is the approache I used in the demo
  • forking jitsi-meet fronttend. depends of what you want to achieve, this might be easilby doable hacking the largeview and the filmstrip

@maxired thanks a lot for replying man. You really saved lives. :slight_smile:
I think i’ll go with choice #1. I have started building my own web layout. Although i have 1 query since you implemented custom layout, is there any impact on the performance ? i mean via API and using directly on hosted server.

The jitsi-meet web interface is using the jitsi-meet-lib, so if you do the same, then there should not be any issue :wink:
If you are the external api, the extra layer is not much and also there should not be any trouble.

Hey man, awesome work!
Would like to know if you could install it in my server in exchange for cash.

Let me know!