Custom user interface for Jitsi Web App

Hello, All I have done the quick installation of Jitsi Meet as per GitHub documentation in my digital ocean server. I want to change the user interface of Web App. In my /usr/share folder there is Jitsi-meet folder in which i have couple of html files. I want to change the welcome screen as per my requirement please guide me on this. ASAP. Thank you.

Hi and welcome. To modify the web app, you need to download the source code, modify, build it and deploy the result. You can find more information for the build and the rest details in the readme of the project

Thank You.

I also want to tweak the welcome page a little bit.

I have an instance of jitsi-meet running on my server, as i followed the quick-install guide, and it is working fine.

I also have cloned the jitsi-meet repo from github.

I followed the instructions in file.

I do not want to change any lib resources so, I did not touch the part titled Working with the library sources (lib-jitsi-meet) in the file.

I jumped to Running with webpack-dev-server for development section and followed allong. I ran it successfully in dev mode.

But how can I build it for the production.

I ran the make command, it creates the build directory and then removes it according to the description in the Makefile .

Where are the build files located?

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Hi, I have the same requirement. Were you able to solve it? @amitad16

Is there any option for customise popup color?
Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 4.26.55 PM

hi same question, any options for change?, I already search on the CSS folder but there is no available class for that popup style. anyone can help me?

hi you can costum in css/_info.css and use thisimage
good luck

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hi were you able to resolve this?