Custom UI - video meet, participant and chat in one display

Hi, im a newbie with Jitsi. I have project to use meeting SDK on my android apps. i want to implement video meet, participant and chat in one display. but i dont know how to call chat feature. this is my code and my screenshoot to get video meet view :

class MainActivity : JitsiMeetActivity() {
    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

        val view = JitsiMeetView(this@MainActivity)
        val options: JitsiMeetConferenceOptions = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()

        val displayMetrics = DisplayMetrics()

        var width = displayMetrics.widthPixels
        var height = displayMetrics.heightPixels / 2

        videoView.addView(view, width, height)

This is UI that i want :

Please help, Thankyou :slight_smile: