Custom UI - Sound does not appear in Chrome

Hi everyone!

Shortly about problem:
I have custom UI. It just shows video from Jitsi Meet conference and nothing more.
I successfully get video picture on all tested devices/browsers, but audio does not work in Chrome (Win/Android/iOS) and Edge, and Firefox/Safari works good - sound is presented. If I connect to regular Jitsi Meet app interface of that Jitsi server with same browser - everything is ok, I have both picture and sound.

Now details:
I am implementing custom UI for kind of webinars.
Instructor is using regular Jitsi Meet app interface, but customers will use simple custom player with minimal functionality.
Within this custom UI app (ReactJS) gets video and audio track and adds html elements accordingly. At one moment there are presented not more than one audio and one video element on the page. I compared all the flow both in FF and Chrome and main difference in console I see is that in FF JitsiTrack provides event TRACK_AUDIO_LEVEL_CHANGED, and in Chrome does not. Events like TRACK_MUTE_CHANGED, TRACK_ADDED are presented in both browsers. Looks like MediaStream successfully created but does not receive any stream.
So what may be the reason? Does anything in Chrome blocks MediaStream? Is there any trick to make chrome get signal as expected?

I had stuck for several days and need your help, please.