Custom UI for jitsi meet

And out of no where from the last two days i am getting an error: "Missing strophe-plugins(disco plugin is required)!
I have npm installed strophejs-plugin-disco.
Package.json entry is as follows:
“strophejs-plugin-disco”: “0.0.2”

Link to my git repo:

Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?


I created a topic for this. And posted updates on it.
Link: Missing strophe-plugins (disco plugin is required)!

Hi @Mayur_Bhandari, were you able to implement custom UI on jitsi meet ?
I’m having similar issues and unable to resolve these. Please let me know if you have created any sdk or switched platform.

I’m also facing the same issue . I need to get all users list in the conference. And also want to change buttons in the bottom panel.

Hi @Charles_Smith, i was able to make react-native build for jitsi using the lib-jitsi-meet javascript library.

@Mayur_Bhandari can you guide me how did you achieve this. did you make an sdk out of lib-jitsi-meet.

Hi, i made a react-native application out of it. the aim was to make a react package so that i could use it via npm like all the other react native packages.

@Mayur_Bhandari is it available anywhere ?? Can I see your code ?

I made a guide for building a custom version of the android app.

hi,I read this post and customized the UI. How can I pack it

I have finished customizing the UI, how can I package it to be called as an external file

how can I package it,use this like

What UI did you customize, the web one or the mobile one?

Thank you for your reply. I have customized the mobile and web . Now need package it to be called as an external file

I have clone this and change js as per required ui changes now how i can use it in native android app ???