Custom UI for Jitsi Meet and alternative web URL for Mobile App

Hi, I want to pass an alternative web view url from Native Android Kotlin to React Native’s code so that I can show it in my web view which I created in React Native Module of Jitsi, How to pass the web view url from Android project to React Native ?? Please help me, I dont know how to do it. I have made necessary changes in UI (“An extra button in Toolbox which opens WebView”) of Jitsi also. The only issue which I cannot solve is web URL. Lastly I want to export it as package (not temporary “file:/tmp/repo” but a permanent).

For the first part, can you provideo some more details? Not sure what you are tying to do.

For the latter, you can create a Git repository and commit the artifacts once they are published to your repo.

ok, I have made changes in the UI of React Native, I have added an extra button in Toolbox of Jitsi Meet, upon clicking the button it opens a Web View. Now there’s a url (" this url is related to users data which I fetch from API "). I want to pass this URL from my android project to Jitsi’s React Native, so that I can show it in a web view which I have added in Jitsi meet.

Can’t you do that from JS? It would be way easier. Alternatively you can maybe use a broadcast event, just like we do for actions initiated from Java, like HANG_UP.

The problem is I have integrated all the APIs in my In my Andorid Project. I will try using broadcast event. Is there any way to create a function in Javascript to fetch the Url from Android ?. I am struggling to find any solution to achieve this.

Sending the URL with a broadcast and catching it in JS is one such way.

ok I will try it, Thankyou so much.