Custom UI for IOS application


I have my native ios app built on Objective C. I want to integrate Jitsi video calling feature in my app. But I want to use own UI, like changing the jitsi toolbar with my toolbar and user’s icon with my custom icons and many more… I looked at it in the JITSI framework , they had some thing done with React. But I am unknown to react. How can I implement my own view for JItsi Video calling… I have already gone through the github code for jitsi…Please help.

The Jitsi framework is implemented in React Native, and thus in JavaScript. If you want to modify it, you’ll need to edit the JS sources to your liking and then compile it yourself.

You can find more information here:

I got the Toolbox.js file can you please let me how can I change the images for audio, video or chat button.

Icons are currently implemented with a font, you can see how to edit it here:

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Thanks for your great help Saghul. I am able to modify the tool bar !!!

Can you please guide me , I want the click action of the message button on my UIViewController file of application as I need to open my application’s chat window. Also need to modify the side menu items.

Please see the attached screen shots explaining my requirements.