Custom UI and integration for online game


We are a small company developing an online card game platform. We want to integrate audio/video into the game itself (web based) so each of the four players can see each other all the time. I’m pretty confident it can be done with the low level library lib-jitsi-meet but we currently don’t have the time to deal with this and we are looking for help with this integration.

We are interested in the development and/or consulting to integrate this into our React UI, but we will also consider PaaS companies that provide the server side. So anything from a freelancer just for the UI to a full consulting company.

Please PM me with your details, previous works or portfolio if possible, availability, rates, questions… Please add your email address so we can start a conversation with other members of the team.

Thank you.

Hi i have sent a PM

Hi Sergi,
I should be able to help you out on this as I have worked on some complex Jitsi installations and customizations in the past.
I will send you a personal message to discuss further.
Best Wishes,