Custom Server Url - iOS App connecting issue

We are using custom server url and it is working for Android. When I use custom url in iOS App, it redirects to ""

For iOS App, we are following below code from

 // Initialize default options for joining conferences.
    let defaultOptions = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.fromBuilder({ builder in
        builder.serverURL = URL(string: "myserverurl")
        builder.welcomePageEnabled = false
    JitsiMeet.sharedInstance().defaultConferenceOptions = defaultOptions
    // create and configure jitsimeet view
    let jitsiMeetView = JitsiMeetView()
    jitsiMeetView.delegate = self
    self.jitsiMeetView = jitsiMeetView
    let options = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.fromBuilder { (builder) in
        builder.serverURL = URL(string: "myserverurl")
        builder.welcomePageEnabled = false = roomName
        builder.videoMuted = true
    // Enable jitsimeet view to be a view that can be displayed
    // on top of all the things, and let the coordinator to manage
    // the view state and interactions
    pipViewCoordinator = PiPViewCoordinator(withView: jitsiMeetView)
    pipViewCoordinator?.configureAsStickyView(withParentView: view)
    // animate in
    jitsiMeetView.alpha = 0

Can anyone help me out to resolve this issue?

Hi Lakna, in your serverUrl is like URL(string: “https://myserverurl”)?
For me its works fine this way.