Custom SDK how to publish as a maven repository

Firstly, i built the sdk on Ubuntu 18.04 with success i believe, my development on Windows,

When i try my custom sdk

React-native Project
-tmp>[com,org] files

i set my project app/build.gradle like this

maven { url("$rootDir/../tmp") }

and i have react-native-jitsi-meet
i set it in node_modules/react-native-jitsi-meet/android/app/build.gradle

  maven {



dependencies {
    implementation ('org.jitsi.react:jitsi-meet-sdk:+') {
      transitive = true

the app is running but the when i click video conference screen it crashs.

My second question is about using sdk as a maven repository on github.

I built sdk and at the end of message says “Don’t forget to push the tag and the Maven repo artifacts.” what should i do.

i have tmp folder and in inside 2 folder com, org,

  • com

    • facebook
  • org

    • jitsi
      • react
        • jitsi-meet-sdk
          • 2.6.0 > jitsi-meet-sdk-2.6.0.aar, .pom files
          • maven-metadata.xml
          • maven-metadata.md5,sha1 files

i want to use the sdk as a github package like

i have repository but i just did git push not maven deploy or anything else.

it is not working when i implement my project

maven {
     url ""

This is my first maven issue i don’t know anything about pom file or anything about maven, can you please help about this issue.

Your URL must have the tree/master in it IIRC.

Also, what crash do you get? Note that we don’t support building on Windows so I wonder if something went wrong at build time.

i buit the android sdk on Ubuntu 18.04 and it didn’t pops any error.

so i cannot use my android sdk on windows that why it is just crashes crashes means just closes the application with no error i try the log erro with adb logcat but no result.

We don’t support building on Windows. You should run so all neccessary components are published to maven repo.

Okay i figure it out and its working,

also I write a document for windows users from zero about how to built custom sdk and edit files, and publish to github and use it in react native project. where should i pull request this .md file that i wrote.

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@batuhansahan hey can i have that md file you have wrote?

How to solve this issue.
please ping me bro. any give the doc’s or any other hint’s bro.

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