Custom roles in Jitsi Meet

Hello everyone, i hope you are doing great,

I have question about setting custom roles for JitsiMeet, for example, beside “moderator” role we would like to have
“Host” (person who created meeting, this person can assign roles, end meeting and kick out people),
“Moderator” (person who can assign roles and end kick out people)
“Participant” (this person can only talk and listen)
“X Role” (only this person can use presentation option)

So, question is how to add roles and limit user capabilities to their roles.

I’ve found some blogs that are saying something can be don on prosody (mod_muc_allowners), but i haven’t find anything about adding custom roles, if anyone had similar problem, or have some advice how to achieve this, I would be thankful.

Current roles in jitsi-meet are based on xmpp roles/affiliations
So there is no space for other options, you need to implement a custom thing about it separate from it and server-side module that checks those, the easiest is to do that with tokens which are passed from your app based on your authentication. Looking at your list it seems for most of the stuff there are events in prosody which you can use to do the checks, but for some like screensharing, I’m not sure that is possible as this is client thing … but probably you can disable that just in the UI.