Custom participant id

hallo i have question about participant id. can i custom participant id?
becouse i need particiapant id in permanent string for integration with laravel in my project thanks

You can pickup jitsi Id and use same.
If you need your own best way is to match it with your own with jitsi Id.
If you are not saving to db, you can concat your id with jitsi Id and pickup where ever you want

JVB is picky about those ids as those are used as endpoint ids and need to be 8 chars hex:

You can use other mechanisms to attach a custom id to your participant … for example you can use sendCommand lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) · Jitsi Meet Handbook

thanks for your reply @damencho i will try this, and about this link lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) · Jitsi Meet Handbook , can i set participant id from my database?

Well, that API call gets strings, you can read it from anywhere and pass it to the library.

thanks @damencho , how about this link GitHub - hnzlmnn/jitsi-meet at 0ed273d6d5f99349f54cabe19a6abb8ae7bc0b3c . its really can kick all participant from moderator?


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