Custom layout for recording

We are developing a web-based video conferencing service over Jtsi.

Now we want to record and stream the conference screen, and Jitsi can do that :muscle:!

But, we need the screen recording to be using our layout, not the jitsi layout.

We want jitsi to record the screen as our users look like, for example:

Is there some way to get Jitsi to use our custom layout (or our app url) to record the screen?

Thanks for any hints :pray:

In the default UI this is possible by selecting follow me from settings and changing locally - switch from stage veiw to tile view and jibri will follow that change.

@damencho I want my layout to be on the record because there will be additional functionality that I’d like to see recorded.

As you are already doing changes in the UI, you can implement your logic there. We are passing iAmRecorder=true URL parameter and this is how you can distinguish that jibri is loading the UI.

Hi @damencho!
I have a similar problem. I have implemented a VueJs UI using lib-jitsi-meet and I want Jibri to record a video (or stream) from my UI.
Perhaps it is possible to customize Jibri and assign different routing to it? Sorry, I don’t know much about Jibri and Jitsi setup, I’m using docker-jitsi-meet
I have implemented a call to the “startRecording” command in lib-jitsi-meet, but the recording goes in the default interface


Jibri is just loading the UI you have, jibri is nothing other than a regular browser … Make sure your UI is served by the webserver so jibri can use it. There are few commands in it APP… that you need to make sure are working similar to jitsi-meet.

The problem is how to tell Jibri which UI to record. In docker, by default it goes to https://meet.jitsi

What do you mean? If you’re hosting your own server, you specify the FQDN Jibri should connect to and record.

Yeah, but how to specify it?

@damencho, @Freddie Please give me a more detailed answer
I implemented UI in VueJs and I want Jitsi on one server, ui client on the second server, and Multiple Jibri on a third server. And I want the conference recording to run with my ui. I don’t understand how to set up Jibri so that Selenium goes to my url (VueJs ui) and recording my interface
Thanks for any hints!

TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI

For those who have a similar problem, it turns out there is an API for Jibri where you can specify your recording domain

For my docker setup, I’m replacing meet.jitsi with public_url e.g with recorder.public_url and I never faced this issue. You have to do this for the entire config not just for jibri. try it and let me know if it works for you or not.

I’m getting internal server error while trying to call the api. However /var/log/jitsi/jibri/log.0.txt does not show any error.