Custom Kernal needed for Jibri on windows WSL2?

Hello, newbie here. Trying to get a fully functional docker jitsi stack so I can start experimenting with some added recordkeeping functionality for my blockchain research. However, I have spent more time learning windows workarounds than actually working on database architecture.

I have successfully installed jitsi and most of the stack via docker on my WSL2 Ubuntu. However I am facing a difficulty altering the custom windows linux kernal needed for Jibri. Which results in the Modprobe command failing:

modprobe snd_aloop
modprobe: FATAL: Module snd_aloop not found in directory /lib/modules/

From what I gather, this would require creating a custom kernal, as Microsoft’s WSL linux kernal limits this. which I do not really want to do, because I assume that to be whole other rabbit hole.

Beyond bringing attention to the limits of WSL2 for Jibri here, I was hoping one of you knowledgeable people knows of a workaround other than customizing the wsl kernal, spinning up a full VM, or skipping local development in favor of direct experimentation on a dedicated jibri digital ocean droplet. I am trying to keep jitsi and jibri on the same server for now for easy docker implementation, but I am increasingly leaning toward a separate jibri server.

If you customise the arguments that Jibri passes to ffmpeg, you don’t have to use ALSA, so then no kernel module would be necessary. For example we do this on Linux to use PulseAudio instead of ALSA to allow easier running in containers. Using PulseAudio should work on WSL as well, but I’m not very familiar with WSL so can’t be completely certain.

You can customise the audio source plugin and device in the configuration file. It should be enough to set the audio source to pulse and the device to default, and then make sure a PulseAudio daemon is running. From a quick Google search, it looks like there are many guides for setting up PulseAudio on WSL.

If for some reason you need deeper customisation than just changing audio source plugin and device, you can patch Jibri (the ffmpeg command line is built here) and rebuild it. You can read about ffmpeg arguments in the ffmpeg documentation.