Custom jitsi-meet frond-end connected to video-bridge


First, thanks a lot for your project :pray:

We are hosting our own self-hosted jitsi instance, made some tweaks to the frond-end (see bellow: we just fork jitsi-meet repo to do so)

It’s working great, but we plan to have a peaks of usage in 1/2weeks, between 5k/10k users simultaneously.

So I was wondering, would it be ok to use the official video bridge to handle this peak? (it will happen during the night European time).
If so, how can I do that ? Should I use the iframe api to point to your domain instead of mine, in this case, I will lose my frontend customisation ??
Should I edit my /etc/jitsi/videobridge/ to do so ? I am a bit lost here.


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I guess it would be possible to load my front and bypass the backend with “” similar to how we run jitsi-meet in development mode, do you have any recommandation? This method is probably not recommended at all.