Custom Image when Camera Off


It would be very helpfull to be able to select a custom image for when the camera is off.
This can be used to have a custom image on intro/break/end, when broadcasting live, for exemple.

Could be made by adding the funcion ‘add image’ on the right click when cam is off, instead of ‘flip’ when cam is off.


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This has been reported as a feature request on the issue tracker, see :

It’s not possible at the moment and may not be for some time.

Your best approach for now, unfortunately, is to open an account at and set an image there, then set the email you used at in your Jitsi Meet preferences.

OK, thanks.
I found a way to go arround the issue by opening an image on a browser tab and then sharing it…

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Opening an image on the browser its a very good option for a custom background image, but it would be very nice that, every time you toggle form ‘share screen’ to cam, it would go to the last screen shared, as default.


Quite interesting, thanks for sharing that here.

Regarding having the same image shared every time, you would then need a way to change that behavior. It’s a niche case (your workaround) so I doubt there would be much traction to add that feature but you can still file a feature request.

A “lobby”'feature is coming up, maybe it would make sense there. Perhaps mention this if you file a feature request.

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“Regarding having the same image shred every time, you would then need a way to change that behavior.”

So, when you press “D”, the ‘share screen’ window opens.
Last image/screen selectec would be the default.
If needed, change selection.

This is exactly what we need, instead of last screen, last frame of the video of the user