Custom Feature Flags for mobile

I am working in source code for web , desktop + mobile native both on IOS and Android.
My need is to add custom flag and on the bases of the flag I want to show some toolbox buttons like normally we have feature flags and we can set the flags to show and hide the toolbox buttons.
Predefined feature flags are working fine but I want to add my own custom flag and perform toolbox buttons visibility based on the condition of the flag.
To add new flag is straight forward I did that and complied SDKs and when run in mobile custom feature flag is not working as expected.
Is there any other to set value and show hide toolbox buttons.


What did you try and how does it exactly (mis)behave?

I am working in source code but client app technology is Xamarin Forms. They wanted to incorporate Jitsi with customisation. So I grabbed the code and modified it as per requirement.

I was looking to add custom flags that were to the issue initially due to lack of technical documentation but finally I am able to achieve the required behaviour.

The only thing left is to remove the welcome page completely from source code because even if I disable the welcome page using flags it works but I see a navigation twice on conference start and conference end.

Please guide me how to remove the Welcome page completely from source code.


Removing it from the source won’t prevent any navigation. We use an end meeting page which is empty. Is this the problem?

Yes, can we remove this end page.

It’s tricky. We use it to make sure we fire the readyToClose event. We are currently working on the next SDK, I’ll take a look.


I’ve done changes in config.js but the changes are not showing in ios app, after adding the custom framework to my app. What could the possible reason be?