Custom Deployment not working



I had this issue in Micro Instance in Aws now i moved to Larger Instance with 32 GB RAM. But still have this issue.

My custom deployment ( deployed in EC2 Large (32GB RAM) Instance in AWS) , when trying to open home page (subdomain page)

  1. won’t open in Mobile Chrome Browser (using Mobile Network) ,
  2. Won’t work for few users when they using Laptop with Wifi or Ethernet.
  3. Works fine when using Wifi in the Mobile device
  4. When I connect Jitsi API through iframe Inside Custom Web Application scenario 1 and 2,3 are working ( but takes long time to load)

I followed the settings in quick install
ports are (TCP/443 or TCP/4443 and UDP 10000 - 20000)<Local.IP.Address><Public.IP.Address>

Please help

Thanks in advance


Can you give more details:

What is the experience, you see request timeout page or what?

What is not working? What is the experience you see? It does matter where they 2 or 3 in the meeting. Most of the time 2 people will connect p2p when everything 3 and above are using jvb.

This with the app, here is the strange thing where the above cases that do not work, mobile app has more constraints than the browser.

The instance you have created is it in the same region as you? And once it loads video and audio is fine?