Custom Deployment doesn't render with styles

I was able to install JITSI on ubuntu’s directory[opt/jitsi-meet] and was able to point Apache there, but this is what i get to see.

Installation was via cloning github repo and running npm install as well as make dev.
What am i missing?

Have you configured your apache using
Did you install jicofo, jvb and prosody and configure those? Why do you not use the quick install

Yes i have configured as described here “
That is why i can point to my custom installation directory.

Yes, i have installed JICOFO, JVB and PROSODY.

The problem with quick install is, i don’t get access to all resources, some folders are not available…some told me its because it is a complied version of the github repo. So to get more flexibility and control i should do as how i have done

If you have a working deployment using quick install, just replacing the web part with one compiled from source is easy as changing just one line in apache or nginx config.
The process of setup using quick install is straight forward compared to the manual one which maybe not complete

Thanks for prompt response.

just replacing the web part with one compiled from source

The following is how my quick install directory structure looks like:

What folders should i replace with the one from GITHUB[]??

Checkout the web server config root is usr/share/jitsi-meet change it to point to this folder.

I think i am lost Sir.

My Question was built from the concept that, i can customize JITSI to whatever i need.
JITSI quick install is great but i doesn’t allow me to change the core structure of some stuffs. For example i can’t change the default login page, i cant change the logic done once go button is pressed, … and the like.

So i wanted installation which exposes all react files so that i can study them and change them to how i want, which is actually the essence of open-source :nerd_face:

Quick install css files are all compiled so if i point to them i can’t achieve my objective.
Quick install doesn’t display files with react core files hence one can not achieve custom functionalities

Quick install is a way to speed things. Install everything, make sure it works.

cd /home/myuser
git clone
cd jitsi-meet
npm install

Go and edit this line:
to be root /home/myuser/jitsi-meet;
Go and test again.
Do a modification in the source-code and do make and test again you will have the modification deployed.
Quick install makes this process to take 5 mins, while doing it manually, for me knowing the system can take me an hour, for a new comer … you will be exhausted before finishing it :slight_smile:
You better start from something working, and then you can replace components one by one if you need to …

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ON point :ok_hand:

Let me do everything all over again and i will get back to you.
As of this day, i had already did the quick install :+1: and it went okay. Then i was going for customized installation, there is where my page rendered weird CSS leading to this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

@damencho strangely enough, make does not seem to pick up modifications to any of the translation files (i.e. under /lang in the jitsi-meet local deployment repo). This includes modifications to main.json followed by rebuilding.

The problem persisted even after changing

   location ~ ^/(libs|css|static|images|fonts|lang|sounds|connection_optimization|.well-known)/(.*)$
        alias /usr/share/jitsi-meet/$1/$2;


   location ~ ^/(libs|css|static|images|fonts|lang|sounds|connection_optimization|.well-known)/(.*)$
        alias /home/myuser/jitsi-meet/$1/$2;

as well as

root /usr/share/jitsi-meet;
root /home/myuser/jitsi-meet;

in my nginx configuration file for the domain.

Is a particular make command necessary in order to pick up changes to the i18n strings?

Thank you.

UPDATE: Apologies for the false alarm, please disregard. Cloudflare was aggressively caching my static files.