Custom commands for my jitsi meet app

Hello fellow devs, may i ask if i can make my own custom command in my cloned jitsi meet app for using sendCommand and addCommandListener?

Thanks in advance!

here is the source for external API external_api.js is your frontend and API.js is the backend…what are u trying to achieve?

I’m trying to achieve a web app that the moderator can set some one of the participant as presenter and mute/unmute participants individually.

may i know the difference between external_api.js and a lib-jitsi_meet API?

@ne018 if you use lib-jitsi-meet you will need to implement all the UI logic yourself. You need to implement everything that is already in jitsi-meet repo. This is low level api to interact with signaling and webrtc, used by web and mombile. On the other hand the iframeAPI gives you and iframe API :slight_smile: to embed a deployed version of jitsi-meet in an external application and use the UI part and logic that is already implemented.

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