Custom client doesn't see other users' media in JVB session


I’m trying to code custom client which job is to receive media from conference and process them. For WebRTC part I’m using NodeJS implementation werift-webrtc and for signaling part I’m using xmpp/client package. I’m testing everything on self-hosted jitsi-meet in docker (Docker Desktop for Windows).

When I set up one client in browser and my custom client (p2p mode), it works and I’m able to receive RTP packets from browser via non-standard features of werift-webrtc lib. However, when I add one or more browser client’s and conference switches to jvb mode, the only track my custom client receives, is the one that JVB owns and I’m not able to receive anything from other clients. What could possibly be the cause? Could it be related to bandwidth allocation? Is it a problem my client is only receiving and not sending anything?

I found the cause. The library is using unified-plan semantics, and I tried to pass SDP directly from jvb (which is in plan-b).