Custom chat app using Jitsi API

Hello, I am trying to build a custom chat app in php and would like to use jisti to provide video/audio call functionality. What would be the best way to do it. I want only basic call functions and controls. Any help is appreciated

Thanks for the reply
I was using this for testing in wordpress and i can now make calls between the users on a post
but if i use the default then i get the page for creating meetings which i would like to remove so do i have to built the frontend to remove that or can i call the function to start the call directly ?

You mean the welcome page?

If that is the case, then you are not using correctly the iframeAPI, the example there shows how to join a meeting and it should show you the prejoin screen by default. If you want to skip the prejoin screen there are config options you can pass.

If you are using in your app make sure you read Terms & Conditions | Terms of Service
You can always use JaaS or make your own deployment.

Ok i’ll go through the examples and docs again and update the findings. I am now using my local install of jitsi for testing instead of
also will lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) be better if i wanted to make an mobile/web app?

We have mobile SDK and iframeAPI so you can have a quick impl for all of it.

If you want to go the lib-jitsi-meet path, you can but mind that it is not a trivial task and there are many things to be implemented and taken care of, which are already done for web and mobile inside jitsi-meet repo, you can check the amount of code there. So be prepared for time investment when using lib-jitsi-meet.

Ok thanks I’l be tinkering with them for now.