Custom built app on IOS won't open when clicking on URL


We built an custom app from Jitsi based on the version of April 4, v20.2.0.
With Android, clicking on a link associated with the App_Scheme makes the app open immediately.
However on IOS, it does not. It leads to the mobile page where you can download the app from app store or click ‘continue to app’. If you click continue to app, the app does open, but if the app was already open, doesn’t open the concerning room, but stays in the main window where you can choose a room name. If the IOS app was closed/not yet open in the background, clicking on ‘Continue to App’ does open the app with the right room name.

We can however not find out why the IOS-app won’t open directly if clicking on a URL defined in the App-scheme. Anyone a tip/suggestion/idea?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can’t directly help with this issue. But maybe a suggestion is to use Firebase Dynamic link.
That’s what we’re using.

On our end we let users pre-create meetings with a name and optionally a password. Instead of a direct link to the meeting what we create is a Firebase Dynamic link and this is what they share. Wherever this link is shared it immediately opens the meeting in the mobile app (if link is opened on mobile) but on desktop this dynamic link redirects to the real meeting.

When a user uses the dynamic link and doesn’t have the mobile app yet he first goes to the app store. But then after downloading and opening the app the user is still redirected to the meeting. So that’s one flow.

It can be that the website, for which the custom app works, is missing an apple-app-site-association file.

You can check that the default jitsi-meet website contains this at .

There is also an official apple guide for this here.

Hope this helps.