Current state of translations


current as of: unstable 6591
Translations = main-*.json in the lang subdirectory

Code Country Status
af Afrikaans very bad (to add 477, to remove 31)
ar Arabic decent (to add 21, to remove 4)
bg Bulgarian very bad (to add 351, to remove 30)
ca Catalan very bad (to add 368, to remove 29)
cs Czech very bad (to add 260, to remove 50)
da Danish very bad (to add 422, to remove 34)
de German decent (to add 10, to remove 2)
el Greek very bad (to add 301, to remove 25)
enGB English(UnitedKingdom) very bad (to add 425, to remove 31)
eo Esperanto very bad (to add 394, to remove 34)
es Spanish decent (to add 17, to remove 2)
esUS Spanish(LatinAmerica) very bad (to add 253, to remove 33)
et Estonian very bad (to add 414, to remove 30)
eu Basque bad (to add 142, to remove 3)
fi Finnish very bad (to add 477, to remove 31)
fr French decent (to add 11, to remove 2)
frCA French(Canadian) very bad (to add 440, to remove 30)
he Hebrew very bad (to add 401, to remove 30)
hi Hindi very bad (to add 210, to remove 13)
mr Marathi very bad (to add 409, to remove 32)
hr Croatian very bad (to add 487, to remove 46)
hu Hungarian very bad (to add 404, to remove 30)
hy Armenian very bad (to add 482, to remove 31)
id Indonesian very bad (to add 400, to remove 29)
it Italian decent (to add 20, to remove 4)
ja Japanese bad (to add 182, to remove 17)
kab Kabyle decent (to add 17, to remove 2)
ko Korean very bad (to add 386, to remove 34)
lt Lithuanian very bad (to add 412, to remove 29)
ml Malayalam very bad (to add 257, to remove 19)
lv Latvian very bad (to add 424, to remove 29)
nl Dutch very bad (to add 221, to remove 11)
oc Occitan decent (to add 12, to remove 2)
fa Persian very bad (to add 245, to remove 13)
pl Polish passable (to add 31, to remove 4)
pt Portuguese decent (to add 8, to remove 0)
ptBR Portuguese(Brazil) decent (to add 17, to remove 2)
ru Russian very bad (to add 285, to remove 51)
ro Romanian very bad (to add 427, to remove 32)
sc Sardinian very bad (to add 405, to remove 29)
sk Slovak very bad (to add 278, to remove 23)
sl Slovenian decent (to add 17, to remove 2)
sr Serbian very bad (to add 444, to remove 48)
sq Albanian useless (parsing error: Invalid \escape: line 282 column 76 (char 16963)
sv Swedish passable (to add 30, to remove 32)
te Telugu bad (to add 192, to remove 11)
th Thai useless (file main-th.json does not exist, verify language code.)
tr Turkish decent (to add 17, to remove 32)
uk Ukrainian very bad (to add 295, to remove 51)
vi Vietnamese very bad (to add 412, to remove 42)
zhCN Chinese(China) very bad (to add 257, to remove 19)
zhTW Chinese(Taiwan) passable (to add 87, to remove 14)

to add → number of missing translations
to remove → obsolete transations (not a problem at an operational problem but it’s a bit annoying when comparing files)

About the evaluations:
decent: <30 missing translations
passable < 100 missing translations
bad < 200 missing translations
very bad: over 200 missing translations

Albanian and Thai are in a class of their own: Albanian file has invalid json format, and Thai file is listed in languages.json but there is no language file. In both cases the default US English is used if these languages are selected in the UI.


Hello, now it’s end of 2021, how is it now ? not much better I’m afraid, there is still the same 14 languages that are more or less maintained and the rest is happily rotting - a bit like the general state of my country.
Well, I know that there are 2 languages in a bad shape currently that have pull requests pending, but it’s not much. I was hoping to spur a nationalistic frenzy of emulation to get better translations, but it did not quite work. Not even for Esperanto.

I am stepping up the effort, first I am ranking the languages. If it don’t awake the Esperanto fans, what else will do ? And I am publishing the tool that I use for that, incidently I use it also to manage the translations that I’m sending to the project, it’s here.

code language to add to remove status
fr French 0 0 decent
oc Occitan 0 1 decent
ar Arabic 1 0 decent
de German 4 4 decent
pt Portuguese 6 2 decent
pl Polish 9 2 decent
zhTW Chinese(Taiwan) 17 9 decent
es Spanish 66 5 passable
kab Kabyle 66 5 passable
ptBR Portuguese(Brazil) 66 5 passable
sl Slovenian 66 5 passable
tr Turkish 66 35 passable
it Italian 69 7 passable
sv Swedish 79 35 passable
eu Basque 191 6 bad
ja Japanese 231 20 very bad
nl Dutch 239 14 very bad
te Telugu 241 14 very bad
hi Hindi 259 16 very bad
ru Russian 290 52 very bad
fa Persian 292 14 very bad
esUS Spanish(LatinAmerica) 300 34 very bad
ml Malayalam 304 20 very bad
zhCN Chinese(China) 304 20 very bad
cs Czech 307 51 very bad
sk Slovak 325 24 very bad
uk Ukrainian 342 52 very bad
el Greek 348 26 very bad
ca Catalan 358 31 very bad
bg Bulgarian 398 31 very bad
ko Korean 435 37 very bad
eo Esperanto 440 34 very bad
id Indonesian 446 29 very bad
he Hebrew 447 30 very bad
hu Hungarian 450 30 very bad
sc Sardinian 451 29 very bad
mr Marathi 455 32 very bad
lt Lithuanian 458 29 very bad
et Estonian 460 30 very bad
vi Vietnamese 460 44 very bad
da Danish 468 34 very bad
lv Latvian 470 29 very bad
enGB English(UnitedKingdom) 471 31 very bad
ro Romanian 473 32 very bad
frCA French(Canadian) 486 30 very bad
sr Serbian 490 48 very bad
af Afrikaans 523 31 very bad
fi Finnish 523 31 very bad
hy Armenian 528 31 very bad
hr Croatian 533 46 very bad
sq Albanian 10000 -1 useless (parsing error: Invalid \escape: line 282 column 76 (char 16963)
th Thai 10000 -1 useless (file lang/main-th.json can’t be found, verify language code.)

At some point in the past I was disabling (just removing the lines from languages.json) for languages that were less than 20% or 30% done.
We can just disable some …

Actually none is so low (with the exception of Thai that just don’t exist), all are above 50%.
In fact the 5 languages that are left undefined in languages.json (Bielorussian, Galician, Icelandic, Mongolian and Norvegian), are in fact slightly ‘better’ than the worse defined in languages.json (although none of them is better than ‘very bad’ in my ranking).
Should I add them back then ?

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Yep, its fine with me.