Current State of E2EE

The “Trial for WebRTC Insertable Streams” expired.

Has this arrived in Chrome 88? What is the current state of E2EE in Jitsi?

The Insertable Streams is no longer trial and is available in Chrome, E2EE works on web.

Thanks, my latest tests failed. I only get scrambled video and audio.

Did I miss any settings in Jitsi?

How are you testing, this sounds like one side has enabled it but the other is not able to decode?
Are both side seeing the switch and turned it on?

Ah, I see, now it works!

Well, this is anything but intuitive! Nearly none of my users will get around this. Even I wasn’t able to figure this out myself and had to ask. IMHO this should be default, when a E2E capable browser is detected. Other browsers should get a warning on the welcome page. Is there a way to get this?

What about the mobile app? Are there plans to support E2EE and is there some kind of timeline?

An other question: Are the UDP 10000 streams TLS encrypted?

Everything on the wire coming out of webrtc is encrypted. E2ee adds a second layer of encryption. You can read Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy - Jitsi for more information