Current max participants etc (2022-03-14)

How many people can join the same meeting on ? and how many of them can open their camera at same time?


Up to 500 participants in a single meeting has been successfully tested on, with over 100 of them having their cameras on (I think the actual number was maybe 200 or 300 with cameras on).

Thanks @Freddie (hug). Good enough!

do you know how many JVBs and how much CPU and RAM needs (or used) for this test?

For that number of participants, I’d say plan for 3 JVBs, each 4CPU/8GB RAM, just to be safe. Technically, one well-resourced JVB can handle 500 participants, but I wouldn’t use that in production - not yet, anyway.

So can the load of one meeting can be split across multiple JVBs now? Also what do you think how many users can be handled by one shard? (NxVideobridges, 1xProsody, 1xJicofo)

Yes it can be split, but you need to configure octo for the bridges. There is and this setting to limit the number of people on a bridge jicofo/reference.conf at c03962f24242210d77efd2bd4885b83b12dbb58e · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub

There is no number to mention, as it depends on the config and the machine resources …
I have seen 4000 per shard and spiking up to 6000 participants on a shard, but we consider 4000-4500 a safe value for

So for me to understand, if I got a server with e.g. 16 cores and enough ram running Jicofo, Prosody and the frontend, the videobridges attached to it get autoscaled horizontally. With that config I could achieve 4000 users on a shard?


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So you mean if I have a server with 16 vCPU, 81920 MB RAM then the server itself could handle a meeting having 4000 users, right?

Nope, meetings up to 500 participants. 4000 concurrent participants spread in different meetings.

You mean it will be limited to only 500 participants in a meeting even the meeting is webinar style(less than 3 people can open their camera), right?

Not limited, but we consider the current architecture stable for up to 500 participants in a meeting.
The webinar style is handled with live streaming to YouTube or some other streaming service.

Hi @damencho, do you know what is currently the bottleneck for a Jitsi shard ?
(I suspect the single threaded Prosody)


Are we taking about the free edition? Anyone could host a meeting this large? Or is this exclusive for self-hosted servers?

Yes, free to anyone at