Curious: Connection Stats Differences

So, i’ve noticed that seems to have more robust information in the connection stats than on my self-installed Jitsi. Wondering if this is version-related. :thinking: I’m on the most current stable version, but I don’t see stats like “Audio SSRC”, “Video SSRC”, “Codecs A/V” and even a link to “Save logs”. I suspect the “Connected to:” stat has to do with Octo, but beside that, I’m unsure on why I don’t see the others.

Here’s connection stats:


And here’s my self-installed connection stats:


Any idea why there’s a difference?

If anyone has any thoughts on this, would be appreciated. I feel like I’m missing out… lol

So those changes went in which is jitsi-meet-web v4449 while stable is 4466.
The next stable will have it.

Oh, I cannot even count … hum, those should be there, you are right.

I don’t see those to be behind a flag, so you should have it if your jitsi-meet-web is 4466.

Yeah, not sure what’s going on. I wonder if it’s something to do with me upgrading through “apt” and then just comparing and updating or overwriting configs. I may have to consider a purge and reinstall (which I really don’t want to do… lol)

If you haven’t touched the index.html there is a version there search for ?v=4466
In the js console you can also execute JitsiMeetJS.version and see lib-jitsi-meet version which you can check what is that in the 4466 jitsi-meet and compare.

Actually, searched my server index.html and it’s indeed 4466 [“all.css?v=4466”, “lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=4466”]. This is puzzling… :thinking: