Cropped webcam in normal view / Steaming with OBS


we are an educational institution and want to use Jitsi for our online courses.
This means we want so share our desktop screen with OBS because we want to use some scences.
With sharing the fullscreen projector from OBS we´ve got the problem that our students got only 20fps instead of 60fps if the fullscreen projector isn´t in foreground which isn´t perfect if we want to play videos for example.
Because of this we´re decided to use the virtual camera to stream the desktop to Jitsi as an camera input.
This way works pretty good but here we´ve got the problem that the picture is cropped in the upper and lower area in the normal view. If we switch Jitsi to fullscreen mode we can see the whole desktop.
Is there any option to resize the desktop in normal view to see the whole screen or does anyone have an idea which way is the best so share it from OBS to Jitsi?

Thanks for your help

If this is your own deployment, you can set 1.0 as MAXIMUM_ZOOMING_COEFFICIENT in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js

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Perfect, that was the point we´ve missed, thanks :slight_smile: