CRITICAL: Accidental bathroom Jisti

Hi, as this is an autojoin platform at present, I’m wondering what the expected functionality is if someone happens to have multiple tabs open on their mobile browser, and one of them has a jitsi window? For example if you’re in the bathroom and you open your phone, and there’s a background jitsi tab, the user will just start broadcasting :weary:

Just in a quick bit of testing, I noticed that if I opened my chrome browser on andoid, any background tabs would join the video without any indication. This seems like a bit of a bug here.

Currently I’m thinking of checking the blur state of the window, and only showing the video chat if the tab is visible… and on the other side, maybe disconnecting on blur. But both of these seem like hacky workarounds.

Is there an industry standard method here? Can we control joining/leaving meetings based on a blur event? or control a “click to join” dialogue in the event of the tab starting in the background?