Creation of RTCPeerConnection


I’m trying to figure out why my jitsi-meet setup is not working.
Now I’m trying to find the code where the ip addresses from the STUN server are received/collected.
Looking at this example:

There has to be a creation of RTCPeerConnection and then there should be a callback called something like onicecandidate. Looking at the repo I found this:

But I’m wondering why this is in the xmpp directory. Is that the code I’m looking for?

How I understood that is, the client just takes the adress from /etc/jitsi/meet/[FQDN]-config.js and requests it’s public ip from there. No xmpp stuff needed.

Just checked out jitsi-meet from github and my error is gone.
Still trying to find out where I can see the used STUN server and where the candidates are coming from.
Looks like none of the “onicecandidate” functions is called???
Just added some console output there but can’t see those.

anyone knows how/if I can change the log level at runtime?
tried :


but that did not work

Ok, looks like the code I changed was not used by jitsi-meet. Now it looks like jitsi-meet uses my changed code and the function I mentioned is used.

Still wondering if it is possible to change the log level at runtime.