Creation of breakout-rooms from a main conference call

Regarding to using Jitsi for retrospectives, workshops and other meetings and meetups it could be helpful to have a function called “breakout-rooms”. You are in a main conference call with i.e. 10 people. These 10 people have to split into maybe 2 or more teams and have to discuss different issues. So it would be nice to create a number of rooms in a main conference to discuss issues in smaller groups. These rooms can be open for the whole conference or timeboxed by a moderator.

What do you think about it?


idem. Breakout classroom needed :slight_smile:


Excellent idea. I’m seeing this as a teacher tool process - teacher assigns students to sub-group/breakout conference. That process mutes other conference video tiles and audio. Hand raise flags teacher/moderator. Teacher can listen in on breakout visible or invisible but can see all tiles. Will need tools for teacher to use. Maybe teacher shares different screen to different groups.

Rejoin subs to main - I’m thinking of a visual box on the teacher screen for main room they drag and drop users tiles , by sub-group or individual, to assign location or main room time. That process switches audio and video for participants.

Since the videobridge doesn’t multiplex the streams into one, maybe this can work by just marking what streams each user gets.

With schools being on video learning now, this would fill a big gap in capability for K12 schools.


I guess it would be easier to argument on the corresponding GitHub issue.

Breakout rooms are Zoom’s killer feature! For security and privacy reasons I prefer Jitsi, so please add this in Jitsi as well!


Thanks @banana for this advice! There is already an open feature request. VOTE THEM UP! :slight_smile:

I just discovered Jitsi, and I’d like this feature as well. In fact, there seem to be a number of threads on this topic. @mgrant made some really useful suggestions here. It might be interesting to get additional thoughts and input on that thread.


For my current applications of Jitsi I don’t need breakout rooms, but in near future for particular webinars in would be a nice feature.

@aspiers has created a very nice summary of different projects enabling breakout rooms on top of jitsi.

A summary: