Creating user but not Moderator

How can create user in command but NOT Moderator

Authenticated users are by default Moderators. You would have to change the logic in Jicofo to alter this. Easier to use JWT and grant privilege based on role using @emrah’s token_affiliation plugin.

you mean pass the user’s password using JWT ?

Not password per se, just the authentication rights. You would need to assign a token to each user and in the payload, specify their role. The plugin referenced above will identify the role and grant privilege accordingly.

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First of all I’m new in jitsi.

I create a user by using :
prosodyctl register username domain password

how can I set a token.

You would be authenticating through JWT instead creating prosody users like in Secure domain (which you’ve referenced). Here’s how you install Jitsi JWT:

can you help me by sending an example, please ?

An example of what?