Creating Send-Only Connection

Is it possible to create a connection to a conference as send-only?

We share screens over a 2nd connection & turn off all the received video streams with lastN = 0, does this also turn off the remote audio streams too? Or is there a way to specifically set a connection as send-only so that no remote streams are received?

Why not consider llivestreaming instead?

No that doesn’t turn off audio.

Is there a way to turn off the audio streams too? Or create the connection as send-only?

I tried to do this last year, and afaik this is not possible bc jitsi architecture is hard coded end to end throughout the whole system to act as a full mesh for all streams in the conference. In other words, it’s not possible to get an offer that is just a recvonly from the backend, instead you get all the tracks even if you don’t want them.

Yep, that is the case for audio streams yes.