Creating Room with REST


I need to programmatically broker a video conference between two client apps on two different devices from a central server. Basically, I want to create a JITSI room with a random ID and a password to enter, and then send that information off to two clients who will be instructed to connect to that room. The idea is to ensure only those two clients are able to join the room and they will both automatically start up the client and connect without user intervention.

My goal is to create a micro service that will make a REST call to the JITSI server to create the room, and then make separate calls to each client with the room info and instruct them to connect.

I have installed the various Jitsi services via Docker on my laptop and was able to successfully bring it up. The config files are written in my ~/.jtisi-meet-cfg directory and I updated the configuration file to specify -apis=rest,xmpp. I can access the standard web interface to the local Jitsi server.

However, I am not able to find a way to make a REST call to the server. I have read through the various github documentation and tried using curl access the various ports that are exposed in the different services, but no joy.

Can anyone provide pointers as to how achieve the goals of the project and/or point me to useful documentation on enabling and access the REST interface to do this?

Thanks in advance!


I was able to resolve this issue. I needed to access the API from http://:8080/colibri/ where endpoint could be stats, conferences, etc.


Did you figure out the API call needed to create a room?