Creating React-Native application with Jitsi-Meet

Hi everyone.
I am creating a React-Native application that can be used to start conferences. I will have a user directory and a user can select multiple users and start a conference.

Also, along with the hangup button and other buttons, I want to add a few more buttons to the bottom toolbar, like the record button. So this means I have to modify the SDK itself or is there anything I can do?

I found the following library for react-native

Before starting the development, I want to hear out opinions from those who are experienced in similar development.

Option 1: use the above-mentioned library and somehow make it work with RN I have already tried this and this is a hectic job so far.

Option 2: Create the whole feature as a module using Java in Android Studio and use that native module inside the ReactNative app.

Which option would help me to have more flexibility with jitsi meet and also considering the maintenance which would be a better option?

Thanks, Good day.

A better option is to use the one we maintain

Thank you @damencho for your reply. But this is for React, right? I am planning to create a ReactNative android application. Or does this works well with ReactNative too?


I have the same question, can you tell your final choice?

The React Native SDK is currently in work and will hopefully be released soon!
You can follow progress and discussion here:

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Hi Jitsi team, Based on above url “” its good amount of work is going on building ReactNative SDK. just following up to check if there is any approx. release date.