Creating new users from a webpage

Hi, we’d like to use Jitsi like this: we create a user a login, end a meeting room for them to use.

They can then login, set a password for the room and then give the link to whomever they please.

Ideally this needs to be setup in a webpage.

So we create a new user, the username, password, meeting name etc are created within jitsi and Parsody for us.

Has anyone done anything like this? Is this even possible ?’

Many thanks


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To answer your question, you should take a look at JWT Tokens. I believe that would serve your purpose.

Thanks - ill check it out !

hmmm that seems to be vaguely as we want…

maybe an easier question… once a user is created in Prosody, can you limit that user to a certain room ?

When using the token authentication system, you don’t need to create users on Prosody and you can limit the user to certain room using the “room” field in the token