Creating Jittsi Installer for Windows

I have implemented a few changes in Jitsi and trying to generate a windows installer file but I am not getting any information regarding how can I do it using Ubuntu/Windows. I am using Ubuntu 19.10.

I’ve tried implementing using this guide but not finding the same directory structure.
I’ve tried using this guide but it causes a number of issues. Some of which is like :

  1. Error: File not found named as config.h
    I know that the file is missing from the specified path provided at the time of the error. But this file is neither specified is JITSI’s official repository nor anywhere else.
  1. EXE created using this method doesn’t work out of the folder it was created. It doesn’t copy the dependencies to the EXE rather it copies in a folder which I need to keep wherever I need to run the EXE file which isn’t a good practice.
  1. This method works only on Windows PC. I always don’t have access to a Windows PC, so it is really problematic for me to get through this method too.

Do I need to compile the EXE file using Windows Only? If so, how can I achieve that? Or, otherwise, how can I create it using Ubuntu.
Exe File must be installed like any other executable file to Program Files.

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What are you trying to accomplish ? Which changes did you implement ?

AFAIK Jitsi Desktop is no longer actively maintained for 3 years now.

I’m trying to implement the same functionality as Jitsi but removing fewer of them and keeping just the video and audio call feature.