Creating an Admin User

I am an enthusiastic amateur running Linux and have managed to install Jitsi on Ubuntu LTS server as a project to get small groups together during Covid lock down.
I only want myself to be able create rooms and passwords, is there some information on how I can do this like a system Admin User or do I have to do a lot of manual configuration file editing?
A link to some applicable information would suffice.


For your usecase I’d suggest to follow the secure domain setup as explained here:

You’ll need to edit some configuration files and restart the services afterwards. Make sure to adjust the part of the URLs given in the examples to your own domain while keeping the subdomain parts like guest and auth where appropriate.

Thanks for the information, I have read it but I just need to confirm what parts I need to do.
I have installed Jitsi from the Ubuntu repository and made certs from letsencrypt.
Can you please confirm I only need to do the following:

  1. Prosidy
  2. Jitsi meet config
  3. X
  4. X
  5. X

and then Complete “On Linux” setup
As this is the first server I have built, I think its best to be sure before proceeding!


I used the following instructions and it worked OK:

Guests can open the room dialog but they cannot enter it without being an authorised user!
Is there any way to set up a room with password to let others log into, after you have logged out!?

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