Creating a video conferencing link in a self-management system for people outside the organization and outside the LDAP

Hello. I use a self-service community service in your company. The software is located on the company’s host. What way do you suggest to have video conferencing with outsiders who are not part of Active Directory and LDAP? Thankful

are you really asking how - after setting up a system restricting room creation to users of your organization - you can allow external users to create rooms ? Or are you asking to allow external users to connect to rooms created by your users ? If it’s the latter (I hope so because the former looks difficult), you have to setup anonymous access. I have not used LDAP, but it should be no different from the secure domain case (internal Prosody authentication).

yes. i asking to allow external users to connect to rooms created by your users.
We use Rocket Chat and Jitsi Meet in the company. We have no problem communicating with internal users because we use Active Directory and LDAP. But it is difficult for users outside the organization to communicate via video conferencing. This is my question. Because I do not know how to do it

You need to set up a guest domain in that will allow unauthenticated users access your deployment. Take a cue from this:

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Unfortunately I don’t know of a regular contributor to this forum who is using Rocket Chat integration with Jitsi-meet; maybe you would have better chance on a Rocket Chat forum ?
If you need to search help here, I would guess that Rocket Chat is probably using JWT to integrate Jitsi-meet.
Jitsi-meet can use directly LDAP but for integration with external software, JWT is generally used and probably LDAP integration is done at the Rocket Chat level, not Jitsi-meet. So to setup Jitsi-meet to allow anonymous access, it would make sense to search in this direction.
But possibly allowing anonymous access to Jitsi-meet rooms is already an option in Rocket Chat ? Did you ask at a Rocket Chat forum ?