Creating a room with a Test/test in the textbox creates strange state because of capital letter

We installed Jitsi on our own servers.
However, If we create a room there with the example /Test/test and you share the URL, people clicking that link see no other participants, e.g. are alone in that room. When doing the same on it seems to work. It has to do with the capital T in the name between the / /. Is this something that was recently updated in newest Jitsi Version of something related to a http-sever setting or so?

Help greatly appreciated!


Any response/help would be great appreciated!

Is your deployment configured to use subdomains? That is enabled on and is by default enabled if you do a clean in install of latest stable packages.

Anything I can do to check that?
On a version of a couple of months ago using gave a 404, but on our current version (of about 1,5 weeks ago), it is just the capital letter problem. So does not work (all person end up in their ‘own’ room, seeing nobody else), while and does work (like you expect it to behave).


This is what detects the subdomain