Creating a Poll during a Jitsi Meeting

Many thanks for Jitsi Meet, which is an excellent very intuitive platform.

My only issue is to request the ability to create a poll during a meeting, without having to ask participants to switch to a different browser window.

The possibility was demonstrated in a YouTube clip dated 31st Jan. 2019 by someone named Mohamed Moanis.

Is there any hope of making his contribution available to those of us who are just regular users?

Once again, many thanks for the excellent platform and thanks also for considering and possibly implementing this request.

David Sawe.
(Writing from Tanzania)

I ran some OSINT On the man

his name is Mohamed Moanis

this is his GitHub site-

which includes his GitHub page, Stack overflow, and Skype.

I have currently messaged him for the source-code of the polling system and how to implement it. He should respond in a week or so will keep you posted David


Hello Derek,

A pleasure to receive your response so quickly. Many thanks for the action you have already taken as well as for your stated intentions.

Wishing you all the best on this matter!

David Sawe.

Hi unfortunately this feature was not merged due. You can find the source code in the jitsi github page.

  • Mohamed Moanis

Ok Derek,

Thanks for informing me. I will reach out directly to Mohamed in that case. Meanwhile, I hope you will be able to either merge or replicate the polling feature sometime soon as it is a very valuable feature for the organisers of videoconferences and webinars.

Best Regards,